The 2008 Olympics are an example of China’s ability to achieve the seemingly unachievable. And then do it perfectly. Everything China does is massive: it can relocate a million people for dam projects, completely alter a city skyline with new construction, or produce 70% of the world’s toys and 33% of the world’s steel. The point is, they’ve only just started. Over the next 20 years China’s population of 1.3 billion will get even bigger and will present a work force and a consumer force of mega proportions. What they will achieve remains to be seen.

Already the second largest economic power on the planet, China wants its role to be that of friend, business and strategic partner to the world. In whatever area - industry, science, technology, trade, or the environment - what China does will have a profound effect on the rest of us. China 2020 will explore the role the third largest country on the planet will play on the world stage.