The six Arab states of the Persian Gulf, with a population exceeding 40 million, have quickly emerged as a formidable economic bloc on the world stage. As Western economies bail out their financial institutions and struggle to stay afloat, the Gulf is home to some of the fastest growing and diversified economies in the world. The boom in oil and natural gas revenues is well known and documented; however, seldom explored is how these nations’ public and private sector leaders are positioning the region for long-term growth well beyond the life expectancy of their petroleum reserves. With an ambitious building and investment strategy backed by decades of saved oil revenues, the Gulf States are looking to emerge as a new corporate-friendly global hub, strategically positioned between Europe and the booming economies of Asia.

Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Emirates - oil-rich Arab nations, steeped in a rich and vibrant history and culture, are now making their way to the bright lights of the global stage. Gulf Rising - a four part, four hour series slated for PBS in 2010 - is a co-production of Channel Productions and Washington, D.C. PBS Flagship station WETA.