Founded by Lee Kuan Yew, modern Singapore is a place where a highly skilled workforce, a pro-business attitude, and technology untie to make anything possible. It’s a global center of commerce and industry as well as a city-state that’s an enchanting blend of cultures, cuisines, arts, and architecture. With 4.8 million people, Singapore is the second most densely populated independent country in the world, after Monaco. It is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, but the 6th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP. It’s a well-known financial and banking hub and home to rapidly expanding industries like information technology, electronics, and biomedical sciences. Its strategic location makes it a transportation hub for all of Asia.

Singapore is now positioned to become an even bigger player in the world economy. Surrounded by emerging Asian and South Asian markets, Singapore is prepared to provide the services and products these markets will require. Essentially, Singapore is just getting started.