Channel Production Films is a new independent production company, founded by the Emmy-award-winning team that built NYC TV in New York and lead the station to a record 160 Emmy nominations and 42 Emmy awards. The company is centered on the documentary film and television space and focuses on historical and contemporary events, people, and stories that have a far-reaching, global impact.

From the fascinating backstory of secret meetings, power plays and egos that led to the historic 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, to the largely unknown complexity of Jamaica’s first drug cartels and their influence on politics and music, Channel Production Films takes on projects that matter and stories that need to be told.

The principals and founders of Channel Production Films consider themselves avid observers of human beings - the supreme agents in the annals of history. The company’s productions tend to take a very intimate look at the men and women who made history, looking to examine the confluence of events that drove them to greatness, or infamy.

Stylistically, Channel Production Films takes a novel approach to documentary filmmaking. Unlike many documentaries, Channel Productions films aims to balance the substance of content and the seriousness of issues while maintaining a strong sense of audience engagement and entertainment, and hence commercial viability. In short, the company believes that its films are important, and therefore should appeal to a broad audience. The company believes documentaries should be gripping and unafraid to take risks.