Strykah: The Rise & Fall of the Shower Posse is a vivid account of one of Jamaica’s, and America’s, most violent and prolific drug cartels of the ‘70s and early 1980s. The Shower Posse, named so for the “shower of bullets” they rained down on their enemies, began as mere pawns of history in a game of Cold War chess between American and Soviet interests in the Caribbean. Strykah tracks the gang’s explosive rise as the pre-eminent drug traffickers operating along the U.S. eastern seaboard.

But more than just another story of drugs, gangs, and smuggling, Strykah goes behind bars to tell the personal accounts of the Shower Posse’s few surviving members - silent until now - and speaking on camera for the very first time. Their stories will grip audiences and shed light on an important and largely undocumented part of recent American history. From international intrigue and Cold War politics, to a story of frugsm violence, and killing, Strykah is also the story of the spread of Reggae music - an art form introduced to the world in large part by these same Jamaican drug traffickers.

As of 2010, Channel Productions has begun collaborating with a consortium of production entities to bring this moving story to the Big Screen.